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Getting Started

This package comes with the starter website in .zip format. Unzip the package and start editing the pages. You may wish to keep a backup copy of the .zip in case you need to start over.

We have included a basic site structure with common pages that you may use to start with. You may rename the pages, add more pages, and add your content


  • Starter website helps get your website up quickly and easily
  • Three different layout templates (create as many pages as you need)
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Validated XHTML and CSS
  • Dynamic flash movie (change image without Flash software)
  • Extra graphics (ecommerce buttons, icons/bullets, credit card graphics, and shipping graphics)
  • Tested in the latest browsers (IE, Firefox, Netscape, and Opera)
  • Include pages used for logo, menus, and copyright area
  • Complete Fireworks (PNG) and Flash (.fla) source files

Copyright and License Information


The royalty free images used in this template are copyrighted property of BigStockPhoto, and licensors, and are being used with permission in accordance with their Terms of Use. If you wish to purchase your own license for an image to use in your own marketing materials, send us a request for the image ID number. Once you receive the image ID number, go to and purchase the image.

Website Template:

  • Copyright: The copyright for this design template remains with the designer, DJM Web Development, Inc. You may not claim ownership of the design, nor may you use it for any purpose other than that explicitly set forth in our licensing agreement. The licensing agreement can be found in the license.html page.
  • Licensing: The license fee for this design is a site license, not a user or computer license. This design is, therefore, licensed for use on ONE SITE ONLY. If you wish to use this design on subsequent sites, you must purchase a license for each additional site.
  • The source files are licensed for use with this template only.

General Instructions

Make a new web:

  • Unzip your web package.
  • Look for the "productname_web" folder.
  • Copy this folder to your "My Webs" directory.
  • In FrontPage, go to File > Open Web or Open Site and browse to this folder to begin editing your site.

Preview your new web:

  • Click on any page and go to File/Preview in Browser.
  • Click on Internet Explorer and click Preview.
  • A browser window will open with your new web. Preview the pages of the web and decide what pages will be in your website. You may keep this window open and return to it and refresh to see your changes.

Modify your new web:

  • Add new pages
    Open a page that has the layout the way you want it, then go to File/Save As. Save the page under a new name - be sure to change the page title as well! Then, go to Navigation View and drag your new page into the navigation structure. Edit the menu if necessary (see specific instructions below).
  • Rename existing pages
    If you would like to use an existing page but want to rename it, you may easily do this in Folders View. Right-click on the file name and/or the page title and choose "Rename" to rename your file.
  • Add your own logo
    The logo is in the "includes/logo.html" file. Open this page to edit the logo (see below in specific instructions). After saving this include page, all your other pages will be automatically updated.
  • Edit the bottom links and copyright statement
    The bottom links and copyright statement is in an include page for your editing convenience. Open "includes/footer.html" and edit the text, then save. All your pages will be automatically updated.
  • Add your content:
    Delete the sample content and add your own. It's easy!

Publish your web:

  • Go to File/Publish Web.
  • Type in the URL of your website. For example, If you don't want to overwrite your existing website but just want to publish it temporarily to preview it, publish it to a subfolder like this:
  • Type in your user name and password when prompted.
  • If you are publishing to a new folder, FrontPage may prompt you to "create a new web." Go ahead and click OK.
  • Then, click Publish. FrontPage will publish your web. When it's done, you'll be able to click to view your published site!

Template Details

Include Pages:

Editing the include pages will update the other pages across your website. Open them, make your changes, and save. All of the include files are located in the includes folder.

The include pages may not look like they have any formatting. This is fine. Simply make your changes, then preview the other website pages in a browser.

  • Logo = logo.html
  • Main Navigation = menu.html
  • Bottom Links and Copyright = footer.html

Top logo area:

There are three options for adding your business name and logo, which are explained below.

  • If you already have a logo you want to use, delete the current logo and insert your own. Make sure that your logo is no larger than 297 pixels in width and 124 pixels in height.
  • If you don't have a logo and want to use the one that is provided you will need a graphics program, such as Photoshop, Fireworks, or Paint Shop Pro. The Fireworks (PNG) source file and the fonts are included with the template.
  • If you send us your order number along with your business name we will create the logo for you. We will then email your new logo to you, which will be in the same font style as the example logo. Please email this information to

FrontPage form:

If you want to use FrontPage forms, your website will need to be published on a server that has FrontPage extensions. Check with your hosting provider to make sure that you can use FrontPage forms on your site. If not, you can delete the FrontPage form and create your own scripting for a form.

We have provided form on the Contact Us page. You may see [FrontPage Save Results Component], which is the message that appears on a published website when a form is present but is not configured for the server the web has been published to. To configure the form for your own web, right-click inside the form area and select "Form Properties" from the pop-up window. You will most likely want the information to go to your e-mail address, so delete the contents of the "file name" box and enter in your e-mail address. You may need to check with your hosting service to ensure that your account is configured to allow FrontPage form e-mail responses.

Change the image in the Flash movie:

Note: You will not see the Flash movie while editing the template.

  • Make the image you want to use 461 pixels wide and 124 pixels in height. Make sure the image is this exact size.
  • Name your image as main_image.jpg and add it to the images folder. This will overwrite the old image.
Vertical main menu:

The vertical menu is a bulleted list of links in the menu.html page. Simply add your own links to the bulleted list and the style sheet will format it on your actual web page!

Source files included:
  • Fireworks (PNG) file for the layout
  • Fireworks (PNG) file for the ecommerce buttons and icons
  • Flash (.fla) file
  • Font file used in the logo

Note: All source files are licensed to use with this template only.

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS):

All table and cells within this template are controlled and formatted with an external CSS file called style.css. Fore more information about CSS go to

Meta tags:

To help your site be optimized for search engines and directories we have added blank meta tags to each page. You will need to add your own content in these tags or delete tags from the page.

Flash detection script:

Note: You will not see the Flash movie while editing the template.

This template uses the SWFObject (v1.4) Flash detection and embed script provided by Geoff Stearns at This script detects whether or not the user has the Flash player, and if it does, it loads in the Flash movie for them to view. If they don't have the Flash player, it displays your alternate content. The alternate content is what you see in your web editor (a static image or text).

The SWFObject script also resolves the IE update issue where embedded Flash movies require an extra click for interaction; using the script will allow viewers to interact with the Flash movie directly. The SWFObject script also allows your website to have fully validated HTML.

Please be aware that the script may be updated occasionally, and it is your responsibility to visit the SWFObject site to check for updates and implement them.

Additional Help

If you have any questions please email us at